WSJ Wine Club Review – My PERSONAL Experience!

Posted by Paul | Wine Clubs, WSJ Wine Club | Posted on February 2nd, 2010

wsj wine club

My first WSJ Wine Club was quite an experience. I really wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never tried a wine club before and I just recently started getting into wine.

After speedy shipping, a cool free gift, and popping open my first bottle of wine, I was pleasantly surprised at how everything went. Not only was the wine ten times better than anything I’ve found at a grocery store, I was learning more about wine aromas and flavors than ever before!

Click Here to Visit the WSJ Wine Club Website

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club offers a lot of value for first time buyers. Here is what you’ll get with your wine club:

  • Wall street Journal wines 12 Bottles of Top Shelf Wine
  • WSJ Wine Free CorkscrewFree Corkscrew Set
  • WSJ wine club tasting notesTasting Notes
  • wsj wine club 100 percent satisfaction guaranteedYou will not pay for a wine you don’t like!

The best thing is…you’ll get all of the above for ONLY $69.99!

Click Here to Visit the WSJ Wine Club Website

If you are ready to impress your friends and family with your new knowledge of wine aromas, flavors, grapes, and the best way to serve wine, then you are ready for your first wine club membership!

Reading your wine tasting notes and then trying to locate the aromas and flavors in each bottle is not only fun but a great learning experience. You’ll quickly start to identify flavors and aromas without even needing the tasting notes anymore. What are you waiting for…Visit the WSJ Wine Club Website

Also, WSJ included a brochure with my wine club (pictured below). It explains a little bit about the history of the WSJ Wine Club and how they select their wines. It also includes a section describing the top red grapes  and top white grapes used to make wine.

The last two pages end with the top ten useful tips to get the most from every bottle of wine. For a knowledgeable wine drinker, these tips would be quite simple but for a newbie, they can be quite valuable. They discuss everything from storing to serving the wine you received from the WSJ Wine Club.

Click Here to Visit the WSJ Wine Club Website

WSJ Wine Club

WSJ Wine Club Brochure With Information about the WSJ Wine Club and it's Wines

 Here is a copy of the first page of this brochure which welcomes and introduces you to the world of wine discovery.

WSJ Wine Introduction

Click Here to Visit the WSJ Wine Club Website


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