WSJ Wine Club Promo Code

Posted by Paul | Wine Promo Codes, WSJ Wine Club | Posted on February 10th, 2010

WSJ Wine Club Promo Code:

Your first purchase of the Wall Street Journal Wine Club will include twelve bottles of wine, a free corkscrew set in a wood box, and a tasting notes binder with notes about the flavors and aromas of the wine.

Click to SAVE $120 on your first purchase of the WSJ Wine Club and get everything listed above for only $69.99!

You will also receive a one-hundred percent guarantee that states you will never pay for wine that you do not like!

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Tale a look below to see pictures of what you’ll get:

  • Wall street Journal wines 12 Bottles of Quality Wine
  • WSJ Wine Free CorkscrewFree Corkscrew Set with Wood Box
  • WSJ wine club tasting notesTasting Notes Binder with Notes about Wine
  • wsj wine club 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed

Click to Redeem this WSJ Wine Club Promo Code

The WSJ Wine Club is surely confident in their wine to offer such an amazing satisfaction guarantee on every bottle of wine you receive from them.

Aside from the great wine and cool free gift, the WSJ also includes tasting notes about the wine. Now you may not be too interested in this but let me tell you…this is the best part of the entire wine club. If you put a little effort into reading the tasting notes and trying to find the flavors and aromas in each wine, it’ll be like taking a wine 101 course.

Before you know it, you’ll be naming off flavors and aromas without reading the notes. So for me, the best part of my first wine club was learning so much more about the world of wine.

Click to Redeem this WSJ Wine Club Promo Code


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