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Posted by Paul | Introductory Offer, Wine Clubs, Zagat | Posted on February 6th, 2010

Every wine club should have an introductory offer for first time buyers, but surprisingly most wine clubs don’t. Introductory offers are typically at a discounted price and will throw in a freebie for first time buyers.

Out of the select few introductory offers out there, the Zagat Wine Club introductory offer has the best price, best wine, and a great freebie for first time buyers.

The discount on these wines is so unbelievably low, you’re going to want to sign up for this wine club immediately.

With your introductory offer, you won’t get 3 bottles of wine, you won’t get 6 bottles of wine, you’ll get 12 bottles of wine!

But WAIT, there’s more! lol. You will also receive a FREE cheese board and knife set, which are valued at 50 dollars!

Also, you’ll receive my favorite part of this wine club; tasting notes about each wine. The tasting notes will help take you from a wine beginner to a wine expert.

So how much does all of this cost? ONLY $69.99!

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Here is a list of what you’ll receive from you wine club introductory offer:

  • Zagat Wine Club Introductory Offer 12 Bottles of Delicious Wine
  • FREE cheese board and knife set
  • zagat wine clubTasting notes describing the flavors and aromas you’ll get from each bottle of wine
  • White Wine Introductory OfferRed Wine Introductory Offer You also get the option to choose a mixed pack (pictured above) or one of these all red/all white wine packs.
  • Visit Zagat Wine Club

    Don’t underestimate the tasting notes which are included in this introductory offer. They really make the wine club more exciting. When I received my first wine club, I learned so much more about wine I now feel like I can have a discussion with wine experts and be knowledgeable enough not to sound like a newbie.

    So take advantage of this wine club offer while its still around!

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