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Posted by Paul | Wine, Wine Clubs | Posted on February 11th, 2010

These wine clubs deals are the best in the business. Continue reading this in depth comparison of the most popular wine clubs around to choose the club which best meets your needs.

The first two wine clubs are 3 month wine clubs (12 bottles every three months) and the third wine club is a monthly wine club (2 bottles each month).

As far as getting a good deal goes, the first two wine clubs are the best offers in the wine club industry.

NUMBER 1: The Zagat Wine Club

  • Zagat Wine Club Introductory Offer 12 Bottles of Wine. You will have the option of getting an all red wine case, an all white wine case, or a mixed pack. This wine is much better than anything you’ll find in a grocery store and is surely to impress everyone.
  • This is the tasting notes guide which provides valuable information about each bottle of wine, such as origins, flavors, and aromas of the wine. This is surely the best part of a wine club if you are looking to expand your knowledge and become a wine expert.
  • For first time buyers, Zagat even throws in a FREE cheese board and knife set which can’t be found in stores.

The great news is…the Zagat Wine Club only costs $69.99 for first time buyers!

Click Here to Get The Zagat Wine Club

NUMBER 2: The 4 Seasons Wine Club

4 Seasons 12 Bottles of Wine 12 Bottles of Great Wine. This wine comes from small wineries and typically can’t be find in stores. Smaller batches of wine from local wineries are much more cared for and almost always lead to a higher quality product.

4seasons promotional codeWith 4Seasons, you will get very similar tasting notes as you will with Zagat but instead of the free cheese board and knife set, you’ll receive a free deluxe lever-action corkscrew with foil cutter.

4Seasons is also priced very low for first time buyers at $69.99.

Visit 4Seasons Wine Club


Membership Includes:

  • 2 bottles of wine a month. All reds, all whites, or mixed pack options
  • A newsletter with your wine discussing wineries and wine featured
  • Discount on wine reorders

cellars wine club

If you pay monthly, the Cellars Wine Club will cost you $29.95/month.

If you want a 3 month wine club as compared to Zagat and 4 Seasons, it’ll cost $89.85 for 6 bottles of wine (2 monthly).

3. Visit Cellars Wine Club

1. Click Here to Get The Zagat Wine Club

2. Visit 4Seasons Wine Club


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