Which Wine Club is Best?

Posted by Paul | Wine Clubs | Posted on February 8th, 2010

With more and more wine clubs entering the market every year, you may be wondering…which wine club is best? Let’s discuss the top wine clubs around and you can choose for yourself!

Let’s start with my favorite wine club, the Zagat Wine Club. With Zagat, you’ll get high quality wine, a free gift, and notes describing the flavors and aromas about each wine.

Zagat also offers an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee that states you will never pay for a wine you don’t like. With this guarantee, you know Zagat is confident in their wine.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll receive with your wine club:

Zagat Wine Club Introductory Offer 12 Bottles of Wine (6 Reds/6 Whites, 12 Reds, or 12 Whites)

The tasting notes guide which is great for learning more about wine and the flavors and aromas different wines have. If you take the time to read through these notes while drinking your wine, you can really get a wine 101 education.

The free gift a FREE cheese board and knife set. This free gift should make beginners and experts happy.

The surprising news is…this wine club only costs $69.99! This wine club package would normally sell for well over $150 in any retail store.

Click Here to Get The Zagat Wine Club

Let’s move on to my 2nd favorite wine club, the 4 Season Wine Club.  4 Seasons offers a similar package to the Zagat Wine Club and is priced at the same $69.99. Below is what you’ll receive:

4 Seasons 12 Bottles of Wine 12 Bottles of Wine

4seasons promotional codeFree corkscrew and tasting notes about each wine.

Visit 4Seasons Wine Club

Finally, let’s discuss the Cellars Wine Club. Cellars has some of the highest quality wine around. This is true pay by the month wine club with two bottles being delivered every month.

Membership Includes:

  • The choice between 2 red wines, 2 whites, or 1 red and 1 white
  • Monthly newsletter discussing wineries and wine featured
  • Discount on wine reorders

cellars wine club

With Cellars, you can pay monthly or prepay. If you want a 3 month wine club as compared to Zagat and 4 Seasons, it’ll cost $89.85 for 6 bottles of wine (2 monthly).

Paying monthly will cost you $29.95/month.

3. Visit Cellars Wine Club

1. Click Here to Get The Zagat Wine Club

2. Visit 4Seasons Wine Club


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