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Posted by Paul | Virgin Wine Club, Wine, Wine Clubs, Wine Promo Codes | Posted on May 16th, 2011

 This Virgin Wines promo code will get you a ton of wine (12 bottles to be exact), a free electric corkscrew that will help you open your wine without a struggle, & tasting notes that will teach you all about the wines flavors, aromas, and origins. You can get all of this for the cheap promo price of only $69.99 when you use the promo code link below:

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So what kind of wine will you get? Take a Look:

Delusions of Grandeur 2009

Country: United States
Winemaker: Randall Grahm
No. Bottles: 1

Tierra del Corazon Reserva Cabernet 2008

Country: Chile
Winemaker: Roberto Carranca
No. Bottles: 1

Route 40 Malbec 2009

Country: Argentina
Winemaker: Opi Sadler
No. Bottles: 2

Les Arbousiers Rouge 2009

Country: France
Winemaker: Gavin Crisfield
No. Bottles: 2

The Bulldozer Pinotage 2009

Country: South Africa
Winemaker: De Wet Lategan
No. Bottles: 1

Coorong Sounds Reserve Cabernet Shiraz 2008

Country: Australia
Winemaker: Steve Grimley
No. Bottles: 2

Ermita De San Lorenzo Gran Reserva 2001

Country: Spain
Winemaker: Pamela Geddes & Susana Ruberte
No. Bottles: 2

Sonoma River Pinot Noir 2009

Country: United States
Winemaker: Brian Maloney
No. Bottles: 1

Click the picture below to be taken to the Virgin Wines site and learn more about their wine club:

So what happens if you don’t like the wine? Well, according to the satisfaction guarantee that Virgin Wines offers, you won’t be charged for it! Now, that is some major confidence in their wine. Get twelve bottles of wine, a free corkscrew, and tasting notes about each wine for only $69.99 when you click the coupon code link below:

Click Here to Activate This Offer at Virgin Wines