Does Wine Expire?

Posted by Paul | Wine | Posted on February 9th, 2010

The short and simple answer is yes! But there are ways to make wine last longer after opened and proper ways to store it before opened. Not taking these precautions could lead to quickly expired wine.

After opening a bottle of wine, many wine experts claim that the wine will expire within 24 hours. However, I’ve found that if you quickly re-cork the wine, it may last for a few days.

The wine starts to oxidize as soon as air touches it. Even when you re-cork the wine, there will be oxygen in the bottle and the wine will continue to oxidize and expire very quickly.

There are many special corks and equipment to get the wine out of the bottle without ever exposing it to the air but some people still believe these tools don’t work.

If the bottle is unopened, it won’t expire for at least a couple years if you store it correctly. You should store it in a dark, cool place and have the bottle sitting on its side.

If the bottle isn’t on its side, the cork could dry out and air could start to make its way into the bottle.

Remember, if you open the wine re-cork it ASAP and if it is unopened, keep it on it’s side in a cool, dark place.

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