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Posted by Paul | My Wines Direct, Wine, Wine Clubs | Posted on February 13th, 2010

My wines direct wine review My Wines Direct is a direct mail wine club which delivers wine straight to your doorstep. Their wines are all very tasty and are fairly priced.

Although My Wines Direct is a good wine club, they are not the best (more on that later).

With My Wines Direct, you have a lot of options. They offer all red, all white, mixed pack, and specialty wine clubs. Their most popular wine club is their mixed tasting intro pack.

This wine club comes with 4 red whites and 2 whites for only $79.95. This price also includes FREE shipping. Shipping wine can be expensive, so this is a nice upgrade.

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All of the wine from My Wines Direct is expertly chosen from expert wine drinkers and comes from smaller vineyards all around the world. These wines are not mass produced and typically can’t be found in stores.

There current selection of wines for their mixed pack is:

  • Las Tizas Malbec 2008 (1 bottle)
  • Mataverde Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 (1 bottle)
  • Marmesa Chardonnay 2005 (1 bottle)
  • Red Flute Meritage 2007 (1 bottle)
  • Potter’s Hill Pinot Noir 2008 (1 bottle)
  • Osprey Glen Sauvignon Blanc 2008 (1 bottle)

Buying these wines separately would cost $91 plus shipping. The wine club brings these delicious selection together for only $79.95 and free shipping.

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My Wines Direct also has a satisfaction guarantee:

My wines direct satisfaction guaranteeOur Satisfaction Guarantee on every order… or your money back. We’re 100% committed to you.”

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Now, moving on to the best wine club on the market…the Zagat Wine Club. In my opinion, Zagat has some of the best wine and offers far more value for first time buyers looking for a wine club introductory pack.

zagat wine club 

With Zagat, you’ll get 6 MORE Bottles than My Wines Direct, bringing that total to 12 bottles of wine. You can pick between all reds, all whites, or 6 of each.

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Also, you will receive a FREE cheese board and knife set with your purchase!

Finally, you will receive tasting notes about each wine which can really help you become a wine expert. These tasting notes are the best part of a wine club experience.

You’ll start to learn that wines often have 5 or more flavors and aromas in each bottle. With a little practice, you can even start locating the flavors and aromas without even referring back to your tasting notes.

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zagat wine club

So how much does all of this cost? The surprising news is, the Zagat Wine Club is only $69.99 and you get twice as much wine as My Wines Direct. Not to mention the free cheese board, knfie set, and tasting notes.

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Zagat also has a customer satisfaction guarantee stating that you will not pay for any wine you don’t like.

Hurry up and get this intro offer before it goes away!

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