California White Wine Varietals

Posted by Paul | White Wine, Wine | Posted on February 10th, 2012

California is known for wine, and there are a number of white wine varietals that can be found at wineries across this state. Sparkling wines can be found which offer apple and pear flavors and aromas, with a medium body and popular taste. Sauvignon Blanc and Fume Blanc wines offer various flavors including hay, grass, herbs, grapefruits, and citrus tones.

These wines have a light to medium body. Chardonnay wines can be buttery or creamy and have notes of oak, pear, and apple possible. These offer a medium to heavy body and excellent tasting experience. The Riesling wines are light bodied and may have fruit aromas and tastes, including apple, apricot, lemon, and floral tones. Another light bodied varietal is Pinot Grigio, and also Pinot Gris. These wines may offer a crisp taste, with hints of apricot, pear, and peach.

Chenin Blanc wine has a fruity and peach aroma and taste, and also offers a light body. Some occasions call for a medium body wine, and California offers a number of these. Viognier has notes of floral and fruits, with pear, apricot, and peach found. Pinot Blanc offers floral hints, pears, and apples for a fantastic taste, and is a favorite of many wine tour customers at wineries that offer this varietal. Last but not least is the medium bodied Gewurztraminer varietal. ‘

These wines include aromas and tastes of spices, while rose petals provide a floral touch and lychee nut provides complexity. A tour of California wineries can yield a treasure trove of white wine varietals for anyone who enjoys wine.

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Best White Wine Clubs

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White WineWhen looking for a white wine club, you want high quality wine at affordable prices. These two clubs are the best white wine clubs on the market.

Let’s start with my favorite wine club, the Zagat White Wine Club. This white wine club offers the best wine and highest value for the price. Along with great tasting wine, the Zagat White Wine Club offers a FREE cheese board and knife set.

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The Zagat White Wine Club also offers tasting notes with a handy binder to store them in. With every wine club shipment that Zagat sends you, they provide more notes to add to your binder. Many people don’t care so much for the notes but I think they can be the best part of a wine club.

zagat wine clubTasting notes help you learn about the aromas, flavors, and origins of the wine. After some practice with my tasting notes, I started getting the hand of tasting and smelling flavors without needing the tasting notes. Of course, I would double check the notes after I wrote down what I thought was in the wine.

Although it was rough at first, I slowly started to train my nose and mouth to taste and smell the variety of aromas. Since wine not only get flavors from the grapes but also from the aging process, there can be a large variety of flavors.

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White Wine Introductory OfferAside from the tasting notes and a cheese board and knife set, you’ll get 12 bottles of wine which are hand selected from smaller wineries who don’t mass produce the wine. These wines are difficult to find in stores and are quite rare.

To recap, you’ll get the following with your white wine club:

  • The¬†cheese board and knife set
  • The Tasting Notes
  • 12 Bottles of White Wine
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Now, for my second favorite white wine club; Cellars White Wine Club.

Cellars is a very high quality wine club which lets people choose between red or white wine. Make sure to select white wine on the check out page.

With Cellars you will get the following:

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