California Red Wine Varietals

Posted by Paul | Red Wine, Wine | Posted on February 10th, 2012

The wine making regions of California offer a large number of varietals to thrill lovers of white and red wines both. The red wine varietals cover light, medium, and heavy bodied, and many are ideal as dessert wines and heavy meal choices.

Pinot Noir can be light or medium bodied and has notes of fruit, including strawberry and other berries as well as cherry. Sangiovese is also a light to medium body wine, and it has fruits mixed with spices and a note of cherry. Merlot wines include tastes like vanilla and chocolate, plums, blackberries, and currents. These are medium bodied and stand up well to strong flavors. Cabernet Franc offers a medium body and an herbaceous aroma, with raspberry and casis flavors.

Malbec wine has plum, cherry, and strawberry features and a medium body, while Barbera wine focuses solely on berry notes. The Zinfandel varietal is medium to heavy bodied and has tones of cherries and berries, with a jammy and earthy note as well. Another medium to heavy body red wine varietal from California is Syrah, and this wine has cinnamon, pepper, blackberries, and spices.

The Petite Syrah varietal has a jammy feature, with a peppery note and hint of blackberries. Cabernet Sauvignon has a heavy body and includes many flavors and aromas. These wines combine oak, blueberries, raspberries, black currants, and casis. California offers many red wine varietals, and there is at least one that is perfect for everyone who enjoys red wine. A tour of this wine region will delight any wine lover.

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Best Red Wine Clubs

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Red Wine Introductory Offer When looking for a red wine club, you have to consider many things. Is the wine good? Is the price fair? Do I get anything else with my red wine club?

If you are looking for the best red wine clubs, you’ve come to the right place. There are two red wine clubs which are the best around. The first one we’re going to talk about is my favorite:

The Zagat Wine Club. This wine club not only brings consumers the most value but also can help new wine drinkers get a wine education.

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Zagat | best red wine clubs

Zagat offers 12 tasty bottles of red wine, tasting notes about the wines (more about that below), and cheese board/knife set (which is valued at $49.99!).

Red Wine Introductory Offer The Zagat Wine Club let’s you choose all reds on the checkout page. Just make sure you select it when checking out.

Here are the tasting notes I mentioned earlier. These notes are where you are going to get your wine education. I first learned about wine because I combined drinking the wine with reading through the tasting notes. I started smelling for flavors and trying to taste flavors that my guide said would be in there and at first it didn’t go so well.

Initially, I couldn’t find hardly any of the aromas and flavors but I quickly started to get better and now I can write down almost all the flavors and aromas in any wine without even looking at any tasting notes!

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Also, for first time buyers, Zagat throws in a FREE cheese board/knife set which are great. They are better than anything you could buy at a grocery store.

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Another wine club which offers all red wines is Cellars Wine Club. They have very good wine but don’t offer nearly as much as Zagat.

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