4 Seasons Wine Club Promo Code

Posted by Paul | 4 Seasons Wine Club, Wine Clubs | Posted on February 3rd, 2010

4Seasons Wine Club Promo Code

4Seasons Wine Club Promo Code

The best promotional code for the 4 Seasons Wine Club, now renamed the Laithwaites Wine Club, is their $69.99 offer which comes with TWELVE bottles of wine (not 6 bottles like most others), a free corkscrew (pictured above; retails for $39.99), and notes about the wine you will be drinking.

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4 Seasons 12 Bottles of Wine Here is the tasty selection of wine you’ll receive in your first shipment of the 4 Seasons Wine Club. These wines can not be found in stores and are very rare. These wines are not mass-produced. They come from smaller, more cared for batches of high quality wine.

4seasons promotional codeThis is the free corkscrew you’ll receive and the tasting notes binder with information about your wine. The tasting notes will tell you about the origins, flavors, and aromas of each wine you’ll get.

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