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Posted by Paul | Wine Clubs | Posted on February 1st, 2010

This list of the best wine club compares the features and benefits of the 5 top wine clubs. The introductory offers that many of these wine clubs have are exceptional for first time buyers. So take a few minutes and check out our top 5 best wine clubs list:

1. Zagat Wine Club

This wine club offers consumers a FREE cheese board and knife set, a Zagat Wine binder, tasting notes, 12 bottles of delicious wine, and the option between all reds, all whites, or half of each. [Price: $69.99 (3 months; 12 bottles of wine]

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You’ll love sipping your wine while browsing the tasting notes, trying to identify each of the many aromas and flavors that you never knew wine had. Here is a picture of the cheese board and knife set and tasting notes:

zagat wine club

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2. 4Seasons Wine Club

This wine club offers a similar package to Zagat which includes a free corkscrew, 12 bottles of wine, and tasting notes. [Price: $69.99 (3 months; 12 bottles of wine]

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3. Cellars Wine Club

Cellars gives consumers the option to pay monthly or prepay for 3 months, 6 months, and etc. The one month price is $29.95. Unfortunately, there is no discount for prepaying. The 3 month price (to compare to zagat and 4seasons) is$89.95. With Cellars you’ll get 6 bottles of wine and a monthly newsletter discussing the wines featured.

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4. My Wines Direct Wine Club

This wine club offers very tasty wine and even includes some wine from other countries like Argentina. You’ll get 6 bottles for $79.95; 4 reds and 2 whites.¬† Also, shipping is free!

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5. Cellars High End Wine Club

This wine club is for experienced wine drinkers only. This high end wine club lets consumers taste 90+ rated wines from all over the world. If you are veteran who is looking to taste rare wines which can’t be found in stores, the this high end wine club is perfect for you. (Price: $79.95/Month; 2 Bottles a Month)

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