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Posted by Paul | Wine Clubs | Posted on February 5th, 2010

There are plenty of wine clubs to join but which one is the best? As a huge fan of wine clubs myself, I have experienced them all. Below, I have compiled a list of the best wine clubs to join.

Let’s start off with my favorite wine club, the Zagat Wine Club, which is a very well-priced, high quality wine club that everyone will enjoy. This club is great for beginners and should also impress wine enthusiasts.

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zagat wine club Zagat offers an impressive 12 bottles of wine, tasting notes about the wine (including a binder to keep them in), and a FREE cheese board and knife set for first time buyers.

Since you get so much with the Zagat Wine Club, you may be thinking that the price tag must be outrageous, but it’s not! For first time buyers, this introductory package only costs $69.99!

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Next up, is a wine club quite similar to Zagat and offers a similarily priced wine club but doesn’t include a FREE cheese board and knife set, called the 4 Seaons Wine Club.


With 4 Seasons, you may not receive a FREE cheese board and knife set but they do include a FREE professional corkscrew and foil cutter. You’ll get 12 bottles of wine and tasting notes about the wines for $69.99.

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Finally, the Cellars Wine Club is a true pay by the month wine club which delivers 2 wines every month. The Cellars Wine Club has some amazing wine which is hard to beat. Although the wine is great, you won’t get a tasting notes binder, or free gift, which I think is a total deal breaker for beginners.

If you already know a lot about wine and are not a beginner, than Cellars is a great option for you!

cellars wine club

The Cellars Wine Club starts at $29.95/month and gives you the option to receive whites wine, red wines, or a mix.

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Personally, the best part of a wine club for me wasn’t just the wine, it was the knowledge I gained about aromas, flavors, and the different kinds of wine grapes. Reading the tasting notes and trying to find the flavors and aromas in the wine was like taking a wine 101 class.

For this reason, I highly recommend the Zagat Wine Club. Cheers!

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