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Posted by Paul | Wine Clubs | Posted on February 4th, 2010

There are many wine clubs which are for experts or at least someone who has a good understanding of wine. While these wine clubs are nice, they don’t offer much value to wine club beginners.

People who are new to wine clubs want to not only experience great wine but want to learn more about what their drinking. That is why I recommend the Zagat Wine Club for anyone looking for a beginner wine club.

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To learn about the different kinds of wine (Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot) you’ll need to experience them with guidance. The Zagat Wine Club comes with tasting notes about each wine so you will be guided through each bottle.

The tasting notes explain where the wine grapes come from, the flavors you can expect from each wine, and the variety of aromas you’ll smell from the wine. You’ll quickly start learning about what a good Merlot or Cabernet should taste like.

After some practice, your nose will be trained to identify all of the flavors in each wine. Eventually, you’ll start identifying aromas and flavors before you even look at the tasting notes. I find myself at parties drinking wine and immediately naming off 4 or 5 flavors in the wine, which really impresses people by the way. Now let’s be honest, you will only start to get a nose and taste for wine if you put effort into it. If you just drink down the wine and ignore the tasting notes, you can’t expect to learn much.

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Aside from the tasting notes, the Zagat Wine Club offers the best bang for your buck. You will get 12 bottles of wine in your first shipment and have the option to get 12 more every 3 months or simply cancel the membership.

Zagat also offers a FREE gift for first time buyers. They include a FREE cheese board and knife set in your first shipment.

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So you are wondering by now, how much is all of this going to cost me? Well for 12 bottles of quality wine, a free gift, and tasting notes about the wines, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear it only costs $69.99 plus tax and shipping!

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This is the most competitively priced wine club on the market today. Not to mention, any wine club beginners will be all set to become a wine expert.

To recap, you’ll receive:

  • 12 Bottles of Premier Wine’
  • A Free Gift with your first shipment
  • Tasting Notes
  • Never pay for a wine you didn’t like guarantee!!

This amazingly priced introductory offer will not last forever, so start your wine journey today. Cheers!

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