5 Possible Benefits With Wine Clubs

Posted by Paul | Wine Clubs | Posted on February 10th, 2012

1. Regular Scheduled Home Deliveries- A wine club usually offers regular scheduled home deliveries. Some clubs send out new wines on a monthly basis, while others follow a different schedule such as every 2 or 3 months. This schedule means a dependable source of wines on a consistent basis, and allows the wine enthusiast to sample different types and varieties of wine.

2. Receive Wines Not Available To The Public- Many wine clubs offer members special shipments of wines that are not available to the public. These may be wines that are not released yet and are only available to members initially or they can include wines that the public will never have access to. This can include reserve and rare selections at times.

3. Discounts On The Price- Wine club members typically receive a discount on the cost of the shipments. This discount may be as small as 5% or as large as 20% or even more. This allows members to get the wine desired at a lower price and without the inconvenience of going out and shopping.

4. Personal Recommendations And Exceptional Customer Service- Members of wine clubs have access to personal recommendations from experts in wine. The customer service offered is usually exceptional and members get fast service. The expert picks for the club can include some of the finest wines in the world for a discounted price.

5. Invitations To Exclusive Wine Related Events- One of the best possible benefits of wine clubs is the member’s only invitations to premiere events. This may include wine tastings, exclusive parties, and many other events with limited access.

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