Zagat Wine Club Review

Posted by Paul | Wine Clubs, Zagat | Posted on January 30th, 2010

The Zagat Wine Club offers many great benefits to consumers. One of the great things about a wine club is that you’ll start to learn more about different wine flavors and aromas.

If you are new to wine or even quite experienced, the Zagat Wine Club is a real treat. In the past, I would drink wine and enjoy it but never really knew much about it. After my first wine club, I was identifying flavors and aromas in every glass of wine I drank.

Noticing all the subtle hints of flavors and aromas that I never knew existed in wine has made the wine drinking experience even more enjoyable.

The good new is…Zagat has a wonderfully priced introductory wine offer which is very affordable.

The wine club includes:

*   Flavor and Aroma Notes About Each Wine

*   A FREE cheese board and knife set

*   12 Bottles of Smooth, Velvetty Wine

*   100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

So how much is the Zagat Wine Club?

You’ll get all of the above for the low price of $69.99!

Click Here to Get The Zagat Wine Club

The Zagat Tasting Notes Binder